About Han

Han Kloosterman is a geologist currently residing in Amsterdam. His lifework is proving the Catastrophist point of view in geology. Currently he is putting the final hand on his magnus opus: The Catastrophist Manifesto.

After having studied Geology at the University of Utrecht he moved to West-Africa where he worked for a variety of mining companies. While on holiday in the Netherlands he was promptly arrested by the military police. It was the start of the New-Guinea crisis and as a Dutch citizen he was required to serve in the military. The message never reached him in West-Africa and without him knowing, a warrant for his arrest had been put out. Being an anarchist at heart he fled to Brazil within the first 10 days of military service.

In Brazil he worked at the alluvial prospecting of cassiterite, diamonds and gold. During a slump in the Brazilian mining industry Han moved back to the Netherlands to study parapsychology, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Mesmerism at the University of Utrecht.

In 1993 doctors told Han he had a terminal case of throat cancer. He moved back to Brazil to die in the presence of his wife and three kids. To the surprise of both his family and himself he failed miserably and after a short stay on his deathbed, the symptoms of cancer disappeared completely.

Realizing his only success had been in the mining business and having been given a second chance he decided to focus all his energy on proving the catastrophist worldview.

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